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With half a century of brilliant record in the production of food products

The great family of Hamedanic products as the supplier of the food needs of the country during these years has always used quality raw materials because it believes that its consumer is the best judge and it recognizes the quality well.



Established in 1350


Variety of manufactured products


Broadcast all over the country

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Infrastructure of production halls
The great family of Hamedanian products has always used quality raw materials as a part of the country's food needs over the years, because it believes that its consumer is the best judge and recognizes the quality well. Hamedani will present new products with new and different packaging in the coming years, and hopes to continue to attract customers' satisfaction and bring them with them.

The flavor of the memories ...

Hamedanians bring you the flavor of memories


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Perhaps the first option you can eat when traveling, especially on road trips, is Festode, but traveling does not mean you have to eat fast food and fast food. Foods that have nothing else but bloating, feeling heavy and tired. Choosing a smarter and better food will have a positive impact on your rest and leisure time. Professional athletes believe that healthy food and water will keep your energy levels high enough, fueling your muscles, and helping you improve quickly. What you get on the trip acts like a box of equipment.

The sausage is a fast-food fast food with sausage, onions, potatoes and tomato paste. The ingredients of this meal are fully available and you can easily make it at home; therefore, sausage is a good option for when you eat greasy and fast food.

The three-day celebration of Eid al-Fitr – otherwise known as Sweet Eid – unites Muslims around the globe as they observe the end of the sunup to sundown period of fasting known as Ramadan. Food is a staple of the Eid celebration, as families and friends come together to enjoy an elaborate and exquisitely prepared feast in each other’s company. Here is just a selection of the best Eid al-Fitr foods and dishes from around the world, sweet or otherwise.

Jalapeno pepper is from pepper family that its root can be traced back to Mexico. Chilliness of this pepper vary from medium to very hot and spicy, depending on its maintenance and development.

Honors and Certificates

Hamedanian food industry has the most international and national standards and standards.

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